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Alternative Uses for the Viola!

With her budget falling to pieces and her personal relationships heading the same direction, Amy's New York adventure is taking a turn for the worse! As our heroine wonders how she'll make through the mess, she receives a visit from a much-needed voice of inspiration -- Dolly Parton herself.

With an internship to go to every day, Amy has started to find her New York groove: Sleep, intern, music, sleep. When fellow intern Andy decides to stage an intervention, however, Amy has to question her goals, routines, and her budget.

It's the first day of Amy's first internship in New York, and our heroine is determined to make a great impression. But can she get anyone in the office to recognize her talent?

A new Boston-based orchestra seeks fresh ways to engage audiences in classical music and the orchestra scene. Learn more about them at phoenixorch.org.

Collaborative a cappella and youtube artist Peter Hollens covers Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah," featuring Jackie Evancho.

A cutting-edge concert series combines contemporary music and contemporary art. 

A rock and pop band from Somerville, Massachusetts raises funds to make their first album. 

The Sound Impact ensemble travels to Costa Rica, presenting outreach concerts and masterclasses in SINEM schools around the country.


Ensembles and individuals of varying genres take over Boston on the summer solstice. 


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