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Hub Launches Pushing Boundaries - a performance, recording, and educational initiative celebrating genre diversity in 21st century music.


The New West Symphony Harmony Project of Ventura County is a youth empowerment program that uses music instruction as a tool for social change. The program currently has 120 students enrolled from Sheridan Way Elementary School, E.P.

Following a successful 2014 tour, Sound Impact is returning to Costa Rica! Learn all about their plans in this latest video. 

Boston's boundary-pushing classical chamber group Radius Ensemble has an exciting new season of commissions, concerts, and recording their first commercial album. 

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Learn about this remarkable El Sistema-inspired program based in Durham, North Carolina.

This piece came out of a collaboration with Chicago's bike project, The Recyclery; integrating synchronized biking and industrial recycling with dance and newly-composed music.

Witness the profound impact of this El Sistema-inspired youth orchestra in Roxbury, Massachusetts. 

Experience the infectious energy of this versatile trio.

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