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Learn about this remarkable El Sistema-inspired program based in Durham, North Carolina.

This piece came out of a collaboration with Chicago's bike project, The Recyclery; integrating synchronized biking and industrial recycling with dance and newly-composed music.

Witness the profound impact of this El Sistema-inspired youth orchestra in Roxbury, Massachusetts. 

Experience the infectious energy of this versatile trio.


Flutist & musicovation co-founder Elizabeth Erenberg introduces her newly released album "ASCEND" with composer commentary and sneak peaks of the release concert on April 26th. 

It's the last day of Amy's internship. Today she'll either get hired for a paid, full-time job so she can stay in NYC to pursue her dream. Or she won't and it'll be time to go home. How will Amy's 59 day adventure end?

After her roommate up and left her, Amy is scrambling to find a replacement and figure out how to stay afloat in the Big City. So when BOSS WOMAN assigns a hardcore new internship task, Amy knows this is her last chance to impress and hopefully win the coveted paid position.

With her budget falling to pieces and her personal relationships heading the same direction, Amy's New York adventure is taking a turn for the worse! As our heroine wonders how she'll make through the mess, she receives a visit from a much-needed voice of inspiration -- Dolly Parton herself.

A cutting-edge concert series combines contemporary music and contemporary art. 

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